British Paratroopers WWII

Ready to go characters to be used with Unreal Engine project.

V1.02 06-07-2018

Supported Engine versions:


What's inside

Royal Airborne or Royal Commando characters pack to be used in your WWII project


The material system will give you a possibility to customize this character. New camouflage patterns and logos can be easily added to make it looks unique. And as result can be used with something completely different. All inside the Editor! As a small bonus, you'll get a machine gun Bren MK2 to equip your commandos squad!


Model sharing standard UE mannequin and as result you can use all available animations from a  UE marketplace, also don't forget to check free animation starter pack from Epic


The advanced material system gives you a possibility to assign custom camouflage texture and adjust colours for some elements. For example, you can easily create team colour differentiation.


Fully compatible with physically based render pipeline (PBR) high detailed textures.

All texture sets include the following: Diffuse(Albedo) , Roughness, Metalness and Normal map


Well balanced for Mid/Long distance and close up render. Geometry created to be used with third person camera or for NPC/Enemy in both first and third person camera view.

Technical Information

Scaled to Epic skeleton: YES

Rigged: YES

Rigged to Epic skeleton: YES

Animated: YES

Number of characters: 9 + all parts as separated meshes to be used in projects with customization

Vertex counts of characters: 17000

Texture Resolutions:2048x2048

Supported Development Platforms: Win/Lin/Mac

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The licence is royalty free and assets can be used for any kind of commercial projects.

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